Why Canada?

A Tilbury resident reflects on the various aspects of Canadian life.

By Karen Lane – Special to The Tilbury Times

When being asked why being Canadian is so special and why Canada is unique from other countries, Canadians will always let you know that this country is just overall the best place to live because it’s better than anywhere else, but why is it better? What makes it so different from anywhere else?

Living or even being in Canada means you can witness beautiful views wherever you are. Nunavut has crisp and alluring winters where you can enjoy your days looking at the stunning views of the territory. If you don’t enjoy the winter, British Columbia has astonishing summers that can be enjoyed in the lakes or in the mountains.

In Canada, you have options to help fit your interests in places to live. There is no place in Canada that can’t be appreciated to look at. Even if admiring the view isn’t good enough, there are multiple things you can do. Kayaking, boating, hiking, fishing, and sledding are just some of the many Canadian favorite activities to enjoy. Canada has something for everyone to enjoy. From one side of Canada to the other you can find different weather, different sights, and even different animals to see.

Another very attractive aspect of Canada is the people. Many people all over the world will tell you that Canadians are the most polite people they have ever met. Canadians are born into this country where people care about each other and are taught manners, respect, and love for everyone from a young age. Growing up in Canada children are influenced by many different factors, by their families and neighbors, teachers, and caretakers and even the things they watch on TV. Children learn to respect by watching how others are treating each other. The way their parents treat their grandparents, the way they treat each other. Even many Canadian TV shows like Little House on the Prairie show respect and kindness to one another.

Canadians love their country and love their people. Whether you see a young boy helping an older woman carry groceries or a man helping a stranger because her car broke down, classrooms full of children picking up garbage in their community, Canadian’s care and they make sure it shows.

Canada is a country full of diversity. There are so many different cultures, religions, nationalities, and languages. Canada is proud to be multicultural and you can see that anywhere you go. Newspapers and magazines as well as media stories are given in various languages to be sure everyone has the opportunity to keep up with the latest news and stories. In every city, you can easily find various churches celebrating all different religions. Schools are offered in different religions and languages. People are taught to respect the beliefs and cultures of everyone.

Canada has made many treaties and laws to make sure that all people of various beliefs are given the opportunity to live in our country and practice their culture and follow their own beliefs without being discriminated against for them. People in Canada can be free to be themselves and be proud of who they are.

Canada is an amazing place to live or even visit. Growing up Canadian is an honor and a privilege. Whether you want to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world or meet some of the kindest, most caring people or if you want to explore the different colonies and cultures and see some unique and magnificent animals, Canada is just the place to do it.

Being Canadian means so much more than just where you come from. It also means being equal, being loved, being a friend and being free!


Karen Lane has been a resident of Tilbury her entire life.