Letter to the Editor: Contribution of helpful tid-bits, from Anona-miss

If you are tired of miniscule returns on your investments, Google these Canadian companies: Couche Tard, and TFI International. After you recover from your shock, check your statements to see if you own them, and, if not, call your financial advisor, and ask him/her: “why not?”

I have found that one has to insist that their advisor get them into really good earners, immediately; sometimes, when an advisor/manager is reluctant to do so, one has to announce an imminent departure from their services if they do not comply.

Over the last 18 months, I’ve been shocked at the growth in my portfolio. Make sure that your investments are protected by placing a stop-loss order on every position; I use 5%.

There are numerous quality, safe investments that provide a return of 20/30/40% annually.

Mice tend to run along the bottom edge of walls; you only have to place the trap where they run; I don’t even bother with peanut butter, as they’ve learned how to lick the trigger clean, without setting off the trap.

If you are single, and find that lettuce goes bad in the fridge, it will keep for weeks: fold a small piece of paper towel, twice, and place it over the stem, then wrap the lettuce in cling-wrap, making sure that all edges are sealed. I’ve had one head of lettuce last 7 weeks.

You can reduce your hydro bill drastically: turn off your hot water heater, between 6:55 am and 7:05 pm; the savings are impressive. Do not forget that, at one time, Ontario Hydro used radio switches to do the same thing, all over Ontario. Of course, it will be pretty chilly in the shower, should you forget to turn you heater back on at the proper time.

Thank you.