Ontario Issues new Emergency Order for LTC Management

Ontario announces preparations are underway to transfer patients to long term care from hospitals

Ontario has issued an emergency order which would allow the province to take control of a long-term care  (LTC) home struggling with a COVID-19 outbreak.
“We are doing everything we can to fortify the iron ring of protection around our long-term care residents and heroic frontline staff who care for them,” Premier Doug Ford said.   The order could support the use of “effective management alternatives” such as a person, corporation or hospital to take over the home.
“We are incredibly grateful to long-term care operators across the province who are working each day to contain COVID-19 outbreaks,” Long Term Care Minister Dr. Merrilee Fullerton said.  An LTC home might be struggling with challenges such as a number of cases among residents/ staff, or a high number of deaths, staffing issues or an outbreak that is not yet solved.
This follows up measures that have restricted staff movements, and given workers a $4 increase of pay.  Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed where staffing shortages are most severe.