St. Paul’s Church Receives New Horizons for Seniors’ Grant

 St. Paul’s United Church has announced they are the recipients of an $11,316 grant through the Government of Canada’s New Horizons For Seniors Program to improve the audio/visual experience for seniors in its Sanctuary.

“Most of the 1,000 Milton and area residents who pass through our facility each week are senior citizens and their participation in and enjoyment of programs developed for them and by them will be greatly enhanced by improving the audio-visual capabilities of the Sanctuary,” explained Don Clements, Treasurer, Board of Trustees, St. Paul’s United Church. “

“We are most thankful and grateful to the Government of Canada and feel most blessed to receive this support,” added Reverend Dr. Dale Skinner, Minister, St. Paul’s United Church. “These monies will be used by the Church to greatly enhance the audio/visual experience in our facility, making it more accessible to seniors, empowering and encouraging them to share their knowledge, skills and experience through the various programs offered and further enhancing their social well-being and vitality in our great community in the process.”

Over the last decade, the Community Building and Sanctuary at St. Paul’s United Church have added several components to improve accessibility and enjoyment by local senior citizens, including accessible ramps, electronic door openers, handicap washrooms and an elevator that serves the entire facility.   St. Paul’s United was originally founded as the Milton Wesleyan Methodist Church in 1852. It was established as a United Church in 1925.