Provincial education blitz in Halton this Week

By: Laura Steiner
For the next two days Provincial inspectors will be visiting Halton businesses.  The visits are part of a province-wide effort to monitor compliance with the proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirements.
“I would like to thank the Halton business community for supporting Ontario’s proof of vaccination requirements and all that they have done over the past 18 months to keep employees and customers safe,” Halton Region Chair Gary Carr said.  The provincial officers will be focusing on education campaigns, but are empowered issue tickets to businesses and customers who are not in compliance with the measures under provincial reopening legislation.
“I continue to encourage all patrons, business owners and employees to be patient and kind as we all take precautions available to stop the spread of COVID-19,” Halton Region Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hamidah Meghani.  Meghani issued new orders for businesses, as well as employers last month.
Ontario has reported 429 new cases of COVID19.  Of those 301 are in those with an “unknown” vaccination status.  Halton Region has reported 50 new cases of COVID, with only 1 case coming from Milton.  “As we approach the colder weather and with the continued spread of the Delta variant, please get both doses of COVID-19 vaccine to prevent severe illness and hospitalization and prevent infecting those who are immunocompromised or not yet eligible for vaccination. We all must continue to do our part to bring an end to the pandemic,” Meghani added.  83% of eligible residents in Halton have had two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.