Town Of Milton Inviting Feedback on Moorelands Park

By: Laura Steiner
The Town of Milton is asking for feedback on Moorelands Park.The park, located at 504 Laurier Ave, is slated for redevelopment in order to help the community get active, and connect with nature.  Residents are asked to share their feedback on Let’s Talk Milton beginning May 25 (today) until June 15.
The redevelopment is part of a $4.2 million investment in parks announced earlier this month.  To learn more on the town’s park development process visit their process visit their website

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  1. I hope it stays as a little nook of conservation. It is a beautiful park and does not need to be disrupted by a playground. We have designated playgrounds everywhere. This area should stay AS IS. It is a beautiful walking space and picnic area. It is serene and perfect. Please leave it.

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