Milton Implements On-Demand Transit Model

By: Laura Steiner
Milton Transit has launched an on-demand transit service.  The pilot project started May 3 for the Boyne Area in the southeast part of Milton.
“Boyne Zone 1 was selected for the pilot project because it’s a developing residential area without frequent fixed route service.  The pilot project will allow us to learn and gather important information to inform future service opportunities in Milton,” Transit Services Director Tony D’Alessandro.  Users can book trips by phone, or through the free Milton Transit on Demand app to:

  • Travel within the designated zone
  • Transfer to and from Milton Transit fixed routes outside the designated zone

Fares are payable using cash, monthly passes or through Token Transit.  The Milton Transit OnDemand app is available on its own through GooglePlay or App Store, or as part of the Transit app, which is also available through the Google Plan or app store.  For more information on Milton Transit on Demand visit their website