Milton Announces Investment in Parks

By: Laura Steiner
The Town of Milton is announcing a $4.2 million investment to design, build, and redevelop neighbourhood parks.
“We know parks are beloved places in each neighbourhood.  That’s why we’re investing, building, upgrading, and enhancing these outdoor community spaces to enjoy for years to come with you and your family in mind,” Milton Mayor Gord Krantz said.
The money will be used to build Cobban Park, in the Whitlock Ave and Louis St. Laurent area as well as improve the following six parks:

  • Benjamin Chee Chee Park
  • Coulson Park
  • Coxe Boulevard Park
  • Kingsleigh Park
  • Omagh Park
  • Sam Sheratt Trail (Drury Park)

Public engagement on the construction of Cobban Park, as well as the refurbishment of Moorelands Park will begin this month.  Milton Council approves both the design, and construction.  For more information on the park development process visit their website