Liberal van Koeverden Begins Second Election Campaign

By: Laura Steiner
Canadian Parliament has been dissolved, triggering the 44th general election.  In 2019, Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden replaced Conservative Lisa Raitt.  van Koeverden, opened his campaign office on Main St Friday kicking off his bid for a second term.
“We’re running the same positive, inclusive campaign, and fun campaign as we did two years ago,” he described in an interview.  He’s running on his local record which has brought increased funding for rural Internet, and the promise of two-way all-day GO service.  This promise has been described as “aspirational”. The federal Liberals have promised a national daycare program for $10/day as well.  Ontario has not yet signed on for that.
van Koeverden has been door-knocking, and hearing about climate change.  “COVID-19 is certainly number one.  I have heard more about climate change, than I have in previous campaigns,” he said.  The Liberals have extended their COVID-19 financial supports until later this fall.
“Fighting Racism, and fighting Islamophobia.  That’s definitely come up at the doors here.  I would include fighting anti-Semitism to that, and fighting all other forms of racism and discrimination to that,” he said.  Last month, the federal government hosted summits on Islamophobia, and Anti-Semitism.
The CN Intermodal facility was approved by cabinet in January, 2021  despite opposition from the community. “I’m not shy about the fact I was disappointed when the environmental assessment was approved.  van Koeverden will continue fighting against it.  “There’s still lots of tools in the toolbox,” he said.  He revealed that he’d met recently with Region of Halton to discuss the issue.
Following our interview, van Koeverden spoke to supporters outside the office.  Watch below:

Election Day is September 20, 2021.  For more information, including how to vote visit Elections’ Canada’s official website.

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