Meet The Party: Liberal Party of Canada

By: Laura Steiner
Welcome to  Meet the Parties.  First up is the incumbent Liberals.
Party: Liberal Party of Canada
Leader: Justin Trudeau.  Trudeau is running for his third term as Prime Minister as Liberal Leader.
Milton candidate: Adam van Koeverden, who is trying for his second term as Member of Parliament.
Candidate contact info:
Recent announcements:

  • Housing: Promising to allow younger homeowners under 40 to save up to $30,000 tax free for a new home, and a Homebuyers’ Bill of Rights
  • Seniors: $9 billion commitment that will see the Guaranteed Income Supplement increased by $500 for single seniors, and $750 for couples
  • Healthcare: A $10 billion investment to be used on the elimination of waitlists ($6 billion is in the 2021 budget).  $3 billion over four years to hire 7,500 health practitioners (Nurses, Doctors, and nurse practitioners, as well as the expansion of virtual medicine.

For more information on these, and much more visit the Liberal website
Lingering questions:

  1. Will the Liberals be able to get past lingering controversies including sexual misconduct in the military which has seen the resignation of one Chief of Staff, while a second is on leave?
  2. What’s the plan to get out of the COVID-19 spending?
  3. How will the crisis in Afghanistan affect the campaign?
  4. What about Indigenous issues?

Local coverage:
Campaign Office opening
Transit Announcement with  Transportation Minister: Omar Alghabara 
Voting day is September 20, 2021. Visit Elections Canada for more information on where, and how to vote .