AOP Orphan and Trimedic Therapeutics to partner on new beta blocker

By: Laura Steiner
European healthcare company AOP Orphan is partnering with Canadian Trimedic Therapeutics to bring the first beta blocker to Canada in twenty years.
“We are always looking for products that may offer a unique delivery and greater benefit to the physician, the health system, and especially the patients,” Trimedic Therapeutics President and Founder Mary Tenenbaum said.  The partnership was signed in December, 2020.
The drug would be used in a hospital setting to rapidly lower patients’ heart rate.  “It is administered in life-critical conditions, where it is desirable to safely and rapidly reduce heart rate with minimal effect on blood pressure,” AOP Orphan CEO Andreas Steiner said.  It would be given intravenously.
Trimedic will be the exclusive distributor, and marketer of the drug in Canada.