Welcome to Groundhog Day Canadian Political Edition

By: Laura Steiner/ Editor

Yesterday in Parliament was like the movie Groundhog Day. Day one: the Throne speech. There was just enough in it for the NDP to support it, and use to their advantage. Crisis averted. No federal election.

Fast forward one month. The Liberals are filibustering committee meetings in order to avoid further investigation of the WE charity scandal. The Conservatives propose a special committee to look into spending on the pandemic. The Liberals declare a vote of non-confidence on it, which was held yesterday. It passes with NDP, Green, and Independent support. Election averted. Sounds familiar right? Two attempts at getting an election.

Yesterday’s shenanigans put the lie to the Trudeau Liberals as a transparent government. They got away with trying to stop the opposition from doing its work, which, is what that motion essentially boiled down to. It also demonstrated that while the Liberal government still enjoys the confidence of the house; at a 34 vote verdict, it might be getting a little shaky.

In a few weeks, someone might say, “hey it worked twice, we’ll try it again”. And the opposition will fall into line, just as they have. And on it will go, a repeating time loop until someone does something different enough to change the outcome. Just like Groundhog Day.