Trudeau Recognizes Air India Tragedy Anniversary

June 23, marks the National Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognized the occasion with a statement commemorating the victims of Air India Flight 182.

“The attack was an act of unspeakable malice and remains the deadliest terrorist attack in Canadian history,” Trudeau said. The flight was bound for the United Kingdom from Canada, before flying on to New Delhi. There were 329 passengers aboard, and 280 were Canadian.

“We offer our deepest sympathies to families and friends who have lost loved ones, and to everyone living with the pain and trauma caused by these senseless acts of violence,” Trudeau said.

Champagne Speaks with Iran Foreign Minister regarding PS752

Foreign Affairs Minister François- Philippe Champagne spoke with his Iranian colleague Javad Zarif over the phone about flight PS752. The January flight had taken off from Tehran, with 176 passengers when it was ‘unintentionally’ shot down. The accident killed all aboard including 57 Canadians.

The Iranians have agreed to send the black boxes to France for further analysis. “Canada will continue working with its partners to ensure Iran follows through on its commitments and to ensure transparence, accountability, just and closure for the families of the victims of this tragedy,” the call readout said.

In February, victims’ families launched a lawsuit worth over $1 billion dollars CDN. They name the regime’s supreme leader and Revolutionary Guards as defendants. The lead plaintiff remains anonymous, but is described as an immediate relative of one of the victims.