Sustainable Milton Honouring Essential Workers with Trees for Heroes

By: Laura Steiner
Sustainable Milton is launching a Trees for Heroes contest to honour three essential frontline workers in Milton.
The winners will receive a native plant or shrub planted by Dwayne Gilbert, a certified arborist on their property.  If the winners don’t have property, or space for it, then a native plant will be placed on their balcony, garden, or stoop.
The group hopes the gesture will be a constant reminder of how appreciative of everything  first responders have sacrificed, and done over the past year.  To be eligible for nomination the recipient:

  • Must be a resident of Milton.
  • Must be an essential frontline worker whose services were required throughout the pandemic.

The deadline is June 15, 2021.  The winners will be contacted by Dwayne Gilbert to arrange a site visit.  To fill out the form visit the website