Milton Council Endorses New Land-use Vision Official Plan

By: Laura Steiner
Milton Council has taken its next steps towards a new official plan, also called “We Make Milton.”  They endorsed a vision statement, and guiding principles that will take the Town to the year 2051.
The vision statement: “Milton 2051: Choice Shapes Us” is meant to reflect a move towards a modern land-use plan for the next 30 years.  “The new vision for our Official Plan reflects our growing community, provides choice for residents and makes Milton a Place of Possibility for all.  Choice will shape our community to the year 2051,” Mayor Gord Krantz said. Council’s endorsement marked the end of stage two.
Three delegates spoke to the issue during the council meeting.  Zoha Maghar is a member of Sustainable Halton.  She raised concerns over how youth will be incorporated, and consulting with staff.  Retaining and supporting Milton’s youth came in number 45 on the list of top priorities.
Usama Syed spoke to council on behalf of the Muslim Association of Milton (MAM).  He expressed concern that places of worship were being ignored during the process.  “Not all of our needs have been included,” he told council. Mayor Krantz echoed the sentiments saying “we do need to recognize the need for more places of worship as part of a complete community.” Places of worship came in as priority 31 on the list
Wendy Roberts spoke on behalf of the Italian Canadian Club of Milton (ICCM) and raised issues over engagement of Indigenous Peoples, her concerns by councilors Kristina Tesser-Derksen, and Rick Di Lorenzo.  Staff answered that would be consulting with Indigenous Peoples.”  Indigenous Peoples will be part of stage three as Town Staff will work with Ontario’s Ministry of Indigenous Affairs to develop a consultation strategy.
Stage three is expected to begin later this year focusing  on policy discussion, and include more opportunities for public input.    To read the entire report click here