RCAF Unveils new weapon in the fight against pandemics

By: Laura Steiner
The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has helped launch a new tool in fighting pandemics.  EpiShuttles are units that make it possible to safely transport patients, while protecting both medical personnel and the patient.
The RCAF have 15 of these pods.  “Caring for patients with an infectious disease adds a significant level of complexity; this new capability is an extra tool to help us bring patients back home or to the appropriate level of care safely, Senior Nursing Officer Marilo Beaucage said.   Five will be deployed to the primary search and rescue squadrons, with the rest being stationed at 8 wing in Trenton.
“The RCAF is on the path to becoming much more agile in the safe areomedical evacuation of infected patients,” Lieutenant-General Al Meinzinger, RCAF Commander said. The units are two metres long, by one metre wide.  They are compatible with most of the RCAF’s aircraft.  The CC-130J Hercules will be the primary platform for their use.