‘Quiet phase’: no Humboldt Broncos Tribute Centre announcements expected until spring

By: Jessica R. Durling, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Humboldt Journal
The company hired to co-ordinate fundraising for the Humboldt Broncos Tribute Centre said they are focused on planning and having conversations with potential funders, so they aren’t expecting any announcements until spring.
Don Gorsalitz of DCG Philanthropic Services of Saskatoon said the company is currently in the process of collecting funds for the Humboldt Broncos Tribute and Memorial Centre, but isn’t expecting to make any major announcements until April.
A nationwide campaign to raise money for a Humboldt Broncos Tribute and Memorial Centre was launched on April 5 by representatives of the Humboldt Broncos Memorial Committee and the City of Humboldt.
DCG Philanthropic Services of Saskatoon was hired for the project to honour the 2017-18 Humboldt Broncos, which early estimates placed the cost in the $35 million range. It may include a second ice surface, fitness centre and tribute gallery.
“The first part, or the majority of the campaign, is spent in the quiet phase of the campaign. We’re really going off having conversations, doing proposals and getting support for the campaign and then down the road we can make the major announcements,” Gorsalitz said.
“We’ve got individuals and supporters across the country and continue to move forward with the campaign as a whole.”
He added that a number of these conversations have led to “great success” towards the goal.
The announcement in April is expected to cover where DCG Philanthropic Services of Saskatoon is at towards their goal and reveal some major project donors.
Until then, Gorsalitz said they aren’t in a position to make any major announcements or speak to about the individual contributions that have been collected.
“Campaigns are a lot of organization and a lot of conversations but it’s really taking shape,” he said. “We’re seeking support from not only the community and from business but from all levels of government and all of that just takes time.”
The campaign’s website is at broncostributecampaign.com.