Ontario Liberals Prepare to Choose their 2022 candidate in Milton

Milton Liberals are preparing to choose their candidate for the 2022 provincial election. A contested nomination has been called for October 29, 2020.

Candidates running include local Ward 4 Councillor Sameera Ali, and Ward 3 Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo. Former Council candidates Kurshid Khan, Sammy Ijazz, and Galen Naidoo-Harris are also running, as is former Mayoral candidate Mian Naeem. Candidates had until October 1 to declare their candidacy after the party declared a state of electoral urgency in order to fill the 116 ridings without incumbent Liberal MPP’s.

The nomination will be held digitally, with the results to be announced sometime after 8:30 pm on October 29, 2020. “We do hope that digital nomination processes will draw more Ontarians into the political process and make the Ontario Liberal Party the most open party in our province,” Ontario Liberal Party President Brian Johns said.

Liberal supporters have until 5pm tomorrow to register in order to be eligible to vote. For more information visit the party’s website. Membership is free.