Ontario Increases Protection for Halton Long Term Care

By: Laura Steiner
Long Term Care (LTC) homes in Halton are getting more money to help with COVID-19  prevention and containment efforts.  $756,400 will come to Mt. Nemo Christian Nursing Home in Burlington,  and Allendale Long-term Care in Milton.
“Our government is making major investments into long-term care homes to ensure they can continue to prevent and contain COVID-19,” Milton MPP Parm Gill said.  Allendale will receive $688,900 of the funding.  Mt. Nemo will receive $67,500.  The money will be used for expenses related to the following:

  • An immediate 24/7 health checkpoint to confirm staff and essential caregivers entering the  building are properly screened for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure, and to continue  screening residents on an ongoing basis to support early detection and containment of any new  infections; 
  • Additional prevention and containment activities, such as hiring new staff to carry-out the  added workload for essential services and/or to replace workers who are sick or in isolation; Cleaning, equipment, and operating supplies beyond typical levels for the home; and Implementing infection control measures based on clinical evidence, advice from a physician or  other regulated health practitioners with expertise in infection control.

“We will continue to do everything we can hel to stop the spread of this virus and protect our most vulnerable and the staff who have been working tirelessly to keep them safe, Long Term Care Minister Dr. Merrilee Fullerton said.  Allendale entered its third outbreak January 10, and currently has 22 cases of COVID19, and three deaths.  Mt. Nemo Christian Nursing Home was declared the same day, and currently has 61 cases, and four deaths.