Petition Against Reid Rd Quarry Presented to Parm Gill’s Office

By: Laura Steiner
Milton doesn’t want a quarry on Reid Sideroad in Campbellville.  The message was delivered by Action Milton to MPP Parm Gill’s office on Wednesday afternoon.
The group marched from Campbellville to Victoria Park, where a rally was held, and then walked up Main St to Milton Gill’s office.

Protesters make their way up Main St to Parm Gill’s Office
Image Credit: Laura Steiner/Milton Reporter

They presented a petition with over 1,000 signatures against the project, which, would see James Dick Construction extract an estimated 990,000 tonnes of aggregate from a site at Reid Rd and Twiss Rd in the village of Campbellville.
A life-size banner of a petition against the Reid Rd Quarry proposed by James Dick Construction
Image Credit: Laura Steiner/ Milton Reporter

MPP Parm Gill has requested an Environmental Assessment (EA) of the project through the Ministry of the Environment.  According to the Town of Milton, the project is currently being reviewed.  For more information on Action Milton visit their website