Nomination period pushed back for ’22 election

By Pam Wright, The Chatham Voice, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter


Thinking about running for Chatham-Kent council or want to serve as a trustee for one of the local school boards?

Don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of time to make up your mind.

According to Judy Smith, clerk and director of municipal governance for Chatham-Kent, nomination papers for Election 2022 can be filed between May 2 and Aug. 19.

The later time frame marks a change from previous elections, Smith said, when nomination papers were filed in the winter months.

Smith said the province is finally moving forward with recommendations aimed at improving the election process.

Preparations for the Oct. 24 election have begun, Smith said, but noted it’s still very early.

“We’re booking locations and hiring some staff,” Smith said, adding the municipality will begin “gearing up” in earnest in April.

Pertinent information relating to the election is posted on the Chatham-Kent’s municipal website, Smith said, which is constantly updated with information for both candidates and voters.

Another change is the period when newly elected officials take office, as the time has now been shortened.

There are a total of 18 positions open on Chatham-Kent council including one for mayor; two Ward 1 (West Kent) councillors; three positions for Ward 2 (South Kent) councillors; two openings for Ward 3 (East Kent) councillors; two positions for Ward 4 (North Kent) councillors; two positions for Ward 5 (Wallaceburg) councillors, as well as six councillor positions for Ward 6 (Chatham).

The Lambton Kent District School Board has a position for one trustee to represent North Kent (Ward 4); Wallaceburg (Ward 5) and South Lambton.

The board has openings for two trustees to represent the geographic area of West Kent (Ward 1); South Kent (Ward 2) and East Kent (Ward 3.)

The geographic area comprising Chatham (Ward 6) has two trustee positions open.

The English language St. Clair Catholic District School Board has openings for three trustees to represent the geographic area of West Kent (Ward 1) and South Kent (Ward 2).

Second is the geographic area of North Kent (Ward 4) and Wallaceburg (Ward 5) as well as the area of Chatham (Ward 6.)

The French language separate school board – Conseil Scholaire De District Des Ecoles Catholiques Du Sud-Ouest – has openings for two trustees representing all of Chatham-Kent.