MPP Lindsey Park no longer a Parliamentary Assistant

By: Dan Cearns, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Standard Newspaper
DURHAM: The Ontario provincial government has relieved MPP Lindsey Park from her role as a parliamentary assistant after new information was learned about her COVID-19 vaccination status.
“Ms. Lindsey Park will no longer serve as Parliamentary Assistant to the Attorney General, as we recently learned she misrepresented her vaccination status. Ms. Park has, however, provided proof of medical exemption. We subsequently verified the vaccination status of caucus members, and as such, our caucus is fully vaccinated with the exception of two members who have received medical exemptions,” read a statement from Government House Leader Paul Calandra.
MPP Park’s office did not respond to a request for comment. All caucus members were required to show either proof of vaccination or a medical exemption to remain as a member of the party, and there will be a similar requirement for any Conservative candidate looking to run in the 2022 election.
“All of our candidates are going to be vaccinated [or] they just aren’t running for our party. [It’s] as simple as that,” Premier Doug Ford said, at a press conference last month.