Milton Film Festival Goes Virtual for 2021 with 13 films

By: Laura Steiner
The Milton Film Festival (MFF) is going virtual for 2021.  Festival Director Jennifer Smith made the announcement in a YouTube video running over 12 minutes long.  The festival will take place from January 27-31 2021.
This year’s offerings include a wide variety of both documentaries such as Citizen of Moria, and No Visible Trauma, and dramas such as Jasmine Road, and Black Bear.
This year’s festival will be bigger, bringing together a mix of 13 documentaries and feature films.  It will be spread over 5 days, instead of the regular three.  Ticket-holders can watch through the “Eventive” online platform.  “It’s still the Milton Film Festival you love, but just a whole new experience,” Smith said.

Tickets are on sale through their website