Ontario Increases Funding for Transit

By: Laura Steiner
Ontario is investing $150 in helping municipalities with their transit systems as they deal with the impact of COVID-19.  The announcement was made by Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney.
“We heard from municipalities and we are responding to their need for more support as COVID-19 continues to result in lost revenue and additional costs for transit systems,” Mulroney system.  The extra cash comes  as part of the “Safe Restart Agreement.
Milton is getting $437,158 to address its shortfall.  COVID-19 continues to impact our transit system and this additional funding will ensure local transit can continue to operate and provide a vital service for those who need it,” Milton MPP Parm Gill said. At one point, ridership had dropped to 90%.
The province will allow regions to use the money to fund new initiatives. “With this support from the province , municipalities can continue to operate transit today while also looking towards the future of transit,” President of the Canadian Urban Transit Association Marc D’Angelo said.