King man Offers Virus defence to the world

By: Mark Pavilons, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, King Weekly Sentinel
A Schomberg man has developed a mask that will kill almost every virus, and he wants one in the hands of every Canadian. He’d even love to see one on the face of every person around the globe.
Andre Milne, of Unicorn Aerospace, just released his prototype CuRVE mask, with patented respiratory virus elimination filtration. Tweaking commonplace parts, Milne has a product that can kill almost any virus, from Ebola to COVID.
The flexible silicone mask uses rigid copper screening to rid the air of contaminants. It’s comfortable and waterproof. When a person breathes in, viruses in the air are drawn through the filters and are trapped and ultimately killed by the copper mesh. Also, when a person breathes out, even if he has the virus, it will be eliminated shortly after exhalation.
Milne is confident his design will protect against viruses including SARS, MRSA, MERS, N1H1, along with COVID-19 and all of its variants.
“You’re purifying the air just by using it,” he stated.
Researchers have found that while viruses can live on hard surfaces for days, they last only hours when in contact with copper. It’s durable, and its anti-microbial qualities last forever.
The surprisingly soft and comfortable mask is worth every penny. The real hard cost, Milne says, is less than $4 per mask. If you do the math, everyone in Canada can get one for roughly $150 million, much less than the federal government has spent on typical PPE and other measures.
“I want to get it in the hands of every Canadian,” he said.
He stressed that his mask is vital, almost necessary today. What happens if we experience a 4th or even 5th wave of COVID? Will the economy be strong enough to survive?
The government, Milne said, can use the The Defence Production Act, which sets out measures and powers for the government to procure products and manufacturing related to defence supplies.
He pointed out that even if COVID has a lifespan of two weeks, if everyone in the country is using the CuRVE for 14 days, the airborne virus could be completely eliminated.
“It’s over, it’s done,” he said of the nasty pandemic.
He likens the mask to an airborne military defence system neutralizing the threat.
Further, future vaccinations and other health follow-up health measure could be curtailed.
He estimated the cost of “curing” the entire planet would be roughly $21 billion.
And Milne has no desire to profit from this device.
“Let’s get it done, and get it moving,” he said. “I don’t want a dime.”
He explained that the potential applications are huge. If you outfit your home heating, cooling and purification system with copper mesh, you’d be completely protected from deadly viruses.
He said he would be willing to extend the free patent to all government agencies and buildings. When it comes to commercial and residential HVAC companies, he would licence out the design, but insists that profits be used to help supply third world countries, who simply don’t have the financial means to produce or acquire the masks.
“We need to stop and hit pause, and stop profiting on this (COVID),” he said. “It’s not a game.”
Further, Milne would offer the technology to all countries around the world, if they also invoke legislative orders, similar to the Defence Production Act.
“We have to stand by our brothers and sisters who are in extreme or desperate need,” he said. “We can’t turn our backs on them.”
This, he said, is the core foundation of humanitarianism.
Milne also said there should be a government, even global standard of masks and filters, something along the lines of CSA approved ratings.
A Canadian literally has the best protection in his hands. And his only wish is that government leaders take the reins and run with it.
Milne developed this game-changing solution to the global pandemic during his engineering of a high altitude life support method for fighter pilots of an emergency ejection system Unicorn Aerospace is currently developing.
“I was incorporating the design principles of the U.S. Navy SEAL Draeger Rebreather system into the ejection system, and it struck me that the exact same principles of controlled chemical reactions in creating fresh air could be reversed to kill COVID-19.”
Milne’s engineering prowess just recently set a new world record for the U.S. Navy Special Forces 9mm bullet.
Milne will be issuing his free CuRVE patent licences to all the world’s governments through the Unicorn Aerospace social media account of @aeromilitarytec