Kabelik’s work selected for Prestigious Festival

By: Laura Steiner
Oakville Resident Vladimir Kabelik turns 70 this month.  The local documentary filmmaker, and photographer plans to celebrate that milestone birthday with retrospective of his life: Limping Forward- Looking Back- Part 2.  The project will be featured in the 2021 Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival, on May 25.
Kabelik spends a lot of his time on Manitoulin Island, which has become a muse for his photography.  “When I wander around my camera, I no longer need to fight for peace and justice as I did years ago.  I want to be left alone, just to sniff the colors, shapes, sounds and smells around me, and quietly capture additional images of my island diaries,”  he said. Kabelik calls Manitoulin Island Northern Ontario’s hidden gem, describing it as “peaceful and wild at the same time.”
The Scotiabank CONTACT Festival is marks its 25th anniversary as a photography based festival exhibiting work from Canadian and international artists.  This year, organizers will roll out programming throughout the year.  For more information on the festival visit their website