Halton Regional Council Continue fight against CN Intermodal

By: Laura Steiner
Halton Regional Council is continuing its fight against the CN Intermodal facility.  The Regional council has applied to the Federal Court of Canada for a judicial review of the decision.
“We understand how important this effort is to our communities and our goal is to overturn this decision through the legal system,” Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr said.  The decision on the 400 acre facility in South Milton was issued last month following a six year review
Community reaction has centred on the health and safety as well as environmental concerns.  “We continue to be shocked that the Federal Government has chosen the interests of CN over the health of our residents,” Oakville Mayor Rob Burton said.  CN argued that because it was a railway company it didn’t need to go through the typical planning procedures as spelled in provincial planning legislation
“The health and safety of our residents continues to be our top priority,” Mayor Gord Krantz said.  The facility’s location in the Tremaine and Britannia Rd, is near the Boyne survey.  The area is home to over 34,000 residents, one hospital, 12 schools, and two long-term care homes.  The project could result in 1,600 truck trips in and out of the site each day.
The area was planned as a strategic employment area with 1500 jobs as part of the Regional Official Planning Amendment (ROPA) 38.  The CN Intermodal results in approximately 130 jobs.