Four Statutory Public Meetings on May 31 Milton Council agenda

By: Laura Steiner
There are four statutory public meetings on the agenda for the May 31, 2021 Milton Council meeting

  1. 0 Thompson Road: Developers Mazmi Developments Limited and Milton Thompson Developments Limited are seeking a zoning by-law amendments to allow the land to be developed into a mix of commercial areas.  Land is located at southeast corner of Thompson Rd, and Louis St. Laurent. A full report will be available after May 24 on the Council agenda

2. Kennedy Circle West: Developer Halton District School Board seeks a zoning amendment for land from future development (FD) to Minor Institutional land, as well as the extension of Kennedy Circle in order to allow access to a future elementary school.  The report will be available after May 24, 2021 on the council agenda.
3.Whitlock Avenue: Mattamy (Brownridge) Limited  is proposing a subdivision containing 14 single detached homes, two environmental buffer blocks and the extension of Whitlock Avenue.  Report will be available after May 24, 2021 on the Council agenda
4.  981 & 995 Thompson Rd. South: This is an additional statutory meeting scheduled by Town Staff.  Changes have made to the plan for a six-storey apartment building that would add 11 additional units (from 137 to 148), and subtract parking spaces (from 1.34 to 1.22).  The report will be available after May 24, 2021 on Council’s agenda.
To participate visit the Town’s website, and fill out the Delegate Request Application