COVID-19 Rapid Testing Game Changer in Halton Hospitals

By: Laura Steiner
Halton Healthcare has recently introduced COVID-19 rapid testing kits to its three hospitals.  The testing kits are able to provide results within 15-30 minutes.
“While PCR testing is the gold standard for accurately detecting the presence of the COVID-19 virus, the rapid test results are much quicker and are comparable in accuracy to the PCR testing,” Medical Microbiologist Dr. Neil Rau said.  All patients require a PCR test upon hospital admission.  The PCR test tells medical staff if someone has a virus.
The rapid tests have proven valuable at the Georgetown Hospital.  “The rapid test device has made a real difference to our patient care.  We can now quickly differentiate between COVID-19 and other diseases that present with similar symptoms.  Once we rule COVID-19 out, we can focus on the right treatment in a more timely manner,” Patient Care Manager, Emergency Obstetrics and Fracture Clinic at Georgetown Hospital said.  Georgetown’s PCR tests are being processed at Oakville Trafalgar Hospital and can take up to 24 hours to process.
“The rapid testing device has been a real game-changer at Georgetown Hospital.  It provides us with a quick and effective decision tool to maximize our infection control measures and protect our patients, staff and physicians,” said Georgetown Hospital Chief Operating Officer Cindy McDonell said.
There has been 98.9% correlation between the rapid tests and the PCR tests.