Council Unanimously Approves Budget

Property Taxes to increase by 2.19 per cent

By: Laura Steiner
Milton Council approved the 2021 municipal  budget with an investment of $56.2 million in capital projects, as well as $147.4 million in the operating budget to deliver services.  The verdict came in what is believed to be a unanimous first.
“This year, Council and staff set out to develop a shared long term vision for Milton by identifying priorities within the Council Staff Work Plan,” Mayor Gord Krantz said. Krantz voted in favour of the budget.  It focused on four areas

  • Customer service
  • Modernization of services
  • Environmental and financial sustainability
  • Economic development
  • Asset management

“Staff heard our community and Council recognized the COVID-19 economic impacts to our communities, incorporated our shared priorities, and brought forward a budget that is fiscally responsibile and meets the needs and expectations of our residents and businesses,” said Ward 4 Councillor, and Budget Chair Zeeshan Hamid.  The budget includes an increase to the Town portion of the property tax bill of  2.19% property tax increase.  It works out to $14.67/ $100,000 for homeowners.
Council still expects COVID-19 to be a factor into 2021.   The Centre for the Arts, as well as Sports’ Facilities have lost approximately $5 million to-date. Ward 2 Regional Councillor Rick Malboeuf is afraid that will continue.  Town Staff  confirmed they will continue updating Council on COVID-19’s impact throughout the year.
Ward 1 Regional Councillor Colin Best was concerned over the economic uncertainty as the country continues dealing with the economic effects of COVID19.  “We have some major corporations that may not be around next year,” he said.  For highlights of the municipal budget visit the Town of Milton’s website.