Birkdale Place to Relocate 23 Residents

By: Laura Steiner
Revera is relocating 23 residents on the fourth floor of Birkdale Place due to structural damage to the roof and suites.  Residents, and their families were advised of the move last week.
The company has known of the repairs for several months. “We recognize how inconvenient this disruption is for these residents and their families, especially at this time of year, however the safety and well-being of our residents is our number one priority, and we are working with the residents and their families to make this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible,” Revera spokesman Larry Roberts said via an emailed statement.   The residents have been give the options of: Granite Landing in Cambridge, Greenway in Brampton, and Kennsington in Oakville.
They will be treated as new residents, and subjected to a 14 day quarantine period instead of being transferred.  December 11 was the final date the move was possible to avoid being quarantined over Christmas.  All Public Health Units have been informed.
Engineering reports obtained by Revera cite the risk of collapse due to snow accumulation.  “We determined that we must ask the residents to move for their own safety, because we cannot risk waiting until January,” Roberts added. Building permits on file with the Town of Milton indicate problems with the water filtration system resulting in the degradation of some structural roof elements.
Contractors are on site beginning today to shore up sections of the roof.  The roof restoration project is expected to begin in February, and last for approximately one year.