What’s Your Food Story?

New Initiative from Grain Farms allows Ontarians to connect, and win prizes

By: Laura Steiner
What’s Your Food Story? asks a new initiative from the Grain Farmers of Ontario.  It’s part of an effort to encourage Ontarians to share their favourite food stories, as the province begins recovering from COVID-19.
The campaign’s goal is to get Ontarians sharing their culture, celebrations, and occasions that defines food’s place in our lives. “Food unites us and inspires us, and keeps our energy as we navigate our present environment,” Communications Manager, Grain Farmers of Ontario said.  The group will be reminding Ontarians to share the safe, healthy food grown right here in the province by Ontario’s farmers.
Ontarians can post their story on the group’s social media feeds using:  Facebook: @YourFoodStoryOn, Twitter: @YourFoodStoryON, Instagram, or TikTok.  The organization will be hosting monthly contests in order to encourage sharing stories, and making charitable donations as part part of the initiative. For more information on What’s Your Food Story visit their website.