Trudeau Issues Apology to Italian Canadians

By: Laura Steiner
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has issued an apology to Italian Canadians over the government’s treatment during World War II.
Trudeau rose in the House of Commons earlier today and made a statement, reading in part: Today, as we acknowledge and address historical wrongs against the Italian Canadian community, we also show our respect for their great contributions to our country,” he said.  Italy declared war on Canada June 10, 1940.  The Government of Canada interred over 600 Italian-Canadians.
The apology is being welcomed by Italian heritage organization Villa Charities Inc.  Acting President and CEO Marco DeVuono greeted the apology with gratitude.  “We appreciate the Canadian government’s reconciliation efforts and hope that today’s announcement will help the healing process and provide a sense of closure who were impacted and stigmatized,” he said.  31,000 Italian Canadians were also declared enemy aliens.