Trudeau Announces more Help for Seniors

Prime Minister Trudeau has announced more financial help for Seniors.  Those getting Old Age Security (OAS), will be getting an additional $300, and those getting Guaranteed Income Supplement will get another $200.
“As workers, neighbours, parents, grandparents, spouses, caregivers, and volunteers, Canada’s seniors have shaped this country and contribute to our communities every day. They are among the most threatened by COVID-19, and we will support them and work to keep them safe,” Trudeau said.  The additional funding amounts to $2.5 billion.”
The federal government is also investing another $20 million in the New Horizons Program for Seniors. ” Seniors have helped shape the Canada we know and love today. Supporting seniors during this difficult time is essential,” Seniors’ Minister Deb Schulte said.  Seniors are being asked to submit their 2019 tax information by October in order to avoid an interruption in benefits.
This announcement follows up an April investment of $350 million to help organizations specializing in food and medication delivery. An estimated 4 million seniors were able to take advantage of a GST top-up that added an average of $375 for single seniors, and $510 for couples.

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  1. Where are we supposed to submit our 2019 tax information? We were told if we were getting OAS then nothing had to be done. We were also promised this payment would be made within 2 to 3 weeks later. Not one senior I have spoken to has received it.

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