Toronto Police Advise of Ongoing Job Search Scam

By: Laura Steiner
The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is warning the public of an ongoing job scam.
They report that victims are hire as a ‘loan processor’ after an online job application.  As part of the role, victims are instructed to visit several Toronto-based addresses and pick up cheques before depositing them.
Victims are then asked to withdraw the cash and then meet people who appear to need loans.  The cash is handed over to the fake clients or the victim is instructed to send e-transfers.  Banks do not honour the cheques, which then leaves the victim in debt.
TPS reminds the public to remain vigilant.  It’s best to thoroughly research potential employers, and question activities that require dealing with quantities of money especially in unusual circumstances.
Those with information to this kind of fraud are asked to contact Detective Constable Elliott Lee at: 416.608-5179. Tips or information can be submitted anonymously at: 416-222-8477, or through their website.  Toronto Police also has a Facebook Leave a Tip page.