Canada’s Saikaly remembers Sadpara as “Living Legend”

By: Laura Steiner
Elia Saikaly is hailing Pakistani mountaineer Ali Sadpara as a “living legend.”  The filmmaker based in Canada made the comments on Twitter.  Saikaly was there making a documentary about the achievements of local climbers to promote adventure tourism.
Sadpara, along with three other climbers disappeared February 5, 2021 along the ‘bottleneck’, described as a “steep and narrow gully” near the 28,251 ft high K2.  A Saikaly tweeted the last scene he filmed with them was the group talking about how excited they were to make it to the K2 summit, according to Geo News
The search for Sadpara, John Snorri, and Juan Pablo Mohr is ongoing.  It was revealed Monday, that possible locations for the trio had been identified. Aperture radar technology had identified the climbers’ sleeping bags and tents.  There has been no communication from the climbers.
“Please give these families time, space,  and compassion. Share your stories so they will be remembered,” a press release said.