Rural Milton to Benefit from Increased connectivity

By: Laura Steiner
Rural Milton is getting more high-speed Internet.  Member of Parliament Adam van Koeverden announced the federal government would invest approximately $1.6 million in bringing highspeed Internet to the rural area consisting Campbellville, Brookville, and Moffat.
“Many rural residents are also farmers, business people and entrepreneurs who depend on reliable online access to the global economy to put food on the table,” van Koeverden said. The money is part of the $2.75 billion Universal Broadband Fund announced in November.
The money will be distributed to local company Standard Broadband to connect 324 new households.  “To say that working from home and online schooling during these tough times have been a challenge for everyone living here would be an understatement,”  President and CEO of Internet Access Solutions Ltd (Standard Broadband ).   The investment builds on similar investments announced by the Region of Halton and the provincial government