RCMP Increase Visibility Along Canada-US Border

The RCMP Detachments in Ontario are issuing a public notice with respect to their extensive patrol operations along the international border with the United States. 

As a result of the temporary border closure for non-essential travel between Canada and the United States, the RCMP has increased its land and marine patrols along the international border in an effort to secure the Canada-US border and deter any smuggling activity. Members work to identify, interdict and stop the flow of illegal persons, drugs, guns and other commodities across the border. They also ensure that boaters are complying with any border restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The RCMP continues to maintain the safety of the border between the ports of entry. If you have any information regarding criminal activity in your area, you can contact the RCMP at 1-800-387- 0020.  The border will be closed until June 21, 2020.