Ontario to Invest Gas Taxes in Public Transit

By: Laura Steiner
Ontario is distributing $375 million through its gas tax program. Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney has announced the money will be used to help 109 municipalities operate and expand transit.
“Supporting transit systems is more important than ever as municipalities across Ontario struggle during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This funding will help ensure people have access to safe, reliable transportation to get to work or pick up essential items like a prescription,” Mulroney said.  The municipalities represent over 90% of the province’s population.  It builds on a $2 billion agreement from the provincial and federal governments announced in July, 2020.
The Town of Milton will be getting $1.2 million.   “This funding is crucial to communities across the province to fight against COVID-19 and will play an important role in Ontario’s economic recovery,” Chair of Ontario Transit Association and General Manager of the London Transit Commission Kelly Paleczny said.   The overall funding is determined by the number of litres of gasoline sold throughout 2020.  For a full list of municipalities getting the funding visit their website.