Milton Residents Rally in Support of Palestine

By: Laura Steiner
Milton residents took to the streets Friday to support the Palestinians amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinian Authority.

Milton Residents march along Main St. protesting in support of Palestinians.
Image Credit: Ashraf Al-wazani/ Facebook

Marching along Main St near Main & Brown St Photo credit: @SaadtheLucario/ Twitter

Protesting for Palestine Image Credit : Nazish Khan/ Facebook

Israel continued airstrikes Saturday killing 42 people according to media reports.  Terrorist group Hamas continued its missile attacks against civilian targets in Israel on the Jewish holiday Shavuot.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a televised address saying that his country would “levy a heavy price.  Israel has come under criticism in recent days for the bombing of a building housing international press in Gaza City, which, was also thought to shelter Hamas militants.