Kids can now explore neuroscience thorough a new book, Head Space.

By: Jessica Munro, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Brockville Recorder and Times
Kids can now explore neuroscience thorough a new book, Head Space.
Written by Jennifer Misener, (Jenny Mouse) the children’s picture book follows Brian the Brain throughout his day as he encounters different challenges and teaches children about their own brain.
While visiting her family in Delta, Misener stopped into The Village Store in Athens at their anniversary event and set up a table to showcase her book. A native of Lyn, Misener now lives in the Greater Toronto Area but frequently visits her family.
Misener said it’s amazing to have the support of the community. She appreciated The Village Store for inviting her to the BBQ and “going the extra mile” to support her.
“You don’t get that very often, when you can just walk into a place and feel welcomed.”
At university, Misener was inspired by how her own brain worked when she came up with the concept for Head Space. She started university in a fast-tracked program to become an elementary school teacher but switched to a child-and-youth program.
She first noticed that her brain worked differently than others while she was in school, saying that she had a harder time focusing than her classmates and that something like homework would take longer.
“My own experience with understanding the brain and how much of a difference it made to my own learning was a big inspiration, and then the driving force behind it that made the book happen was the pandemic,” she said. “I had this idea pre-pandemic, kind of planning it out and playing around with it. Mental health is so important and we’re all going through this big thing that’s effecting our mental health and that this book needs to be out there and needs to be finished.”
Head Space encourages children to take care of their mental health, understand their brain and encourages them to develop a growth mindset.
It recommended for ages 3 to 9, but Minester likes to say the book is for people 3 to 99 years old.
“It’s really cool to see on the shelf, even the whole the whole publishing experience I found was very surreal, and every step. Like getting the book in my hands for the first time and then another moment seeing it on the shelf for the first time, it’s kind of like, ‘Is this real?’” Her book can be purchased online or at The Village Store in Athens.
Head Space is Misener’s first book and she has a second on the way. It’s on track to be released in November.