Justin Trudeau hit with rocks as he exits London campaign event

By: Calvi Leon, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, London Free Press
Simmering tensions along Justin Trudeau’s campaign trail flared in London Monday night when the Liberal leader was struck with a handful of rocks thrown from a crowd of protesters.
About 100 protestors, many wearing the purple of the People’s Party of Canada, gathered, chanting with signs outside London Brewing Co-Op in east London where Trudeau had stopped for a brief appearance inside with local Liberal candidates. It was his first campaign stop in London.
As he stepped back into the campaign bus, someone threw a handful of small rocks that appeared to hit him. Trudeau glanced back, but the pebbles appeared to cause no harm. A national CTV reporter said two members of the media were also hit, and unhurt.
The craft beer pub is located in London North Centre, where Liberal candidate Peter Fragiskatos is seeking a third term in office. The riding has been largely Liberal-held for decades, dating back to Joe Fontana.
Trudeau is the first federal party leader to visit London since the election was called Aug. 15. Trudeau pulled the plug on his minority government, sending Canadians to the polls Sept. 20, nearly two years since the October 2019 election.