Halton Continues COVID-19 Contact Tracing Amid Spike in 20-39 year olds

By: Laura Steiner
Halton Region is continuing its contact tracing efforts as part of its strategy to combat COVID19.  Over the past week,  contact tracers have reached 69% of those who have come within close contact with the virus within a day, while they’ve reached 43% of all new contacts within a day.
The Region of Halton has recorded 223 cases of COVID19 within the last four days.  Of those, 95 or approximately 39% have been in Milton.  Younger adults or those in the 20-39 year old age range have experienced 37 cases of COVID-19 or approximately 42%.
“Social gatherings and non-essential group activities, whether it is during leisure time or while at work, continue to be a significant source of COVID-19 cases not only within 20-30 age group, but among all residents,” Halton’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hamidah Meghani said in an email.  Meghani recommends:

  • Staying home except for essential purposes such as grocery shopping, medical appointments and outdoor exercise
  • Maintain social distance with anyone who doesn’t live in your household
  • Avoid all social gatherings including play dates, birthday parties and dinner parties with friends or family.

Meghani is asking residents to consider the consequences of their actions in stopping the spread of COVID19.  “Think about the multiple people who may have to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone with COVID-19 at a gathering or parents who have to stay at home from work because their child has been exposed to COVID-19 at school,” she said.
For more information on Halton Region’s fight against COVID-19, including how to access services  during the pandemic visit their website