Canada quietly lifts blanket travel advisory related to COVID-19

Previous advice said travellers, regardless of their vaccination status, should avoid non-essential travel

Canada has quietly lifted a blanket advisory against all non-essential travel outside the country which had been in place since the pandemic was declared in March 2020.
Under the previous guidelines, the government advised all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, to avoid non-essential international travel.
The advisories for each country have now reverted to the four levels that existed prior to the pandemic:

  • Exercise normal security precautions.
  • Exercise a high degree of caution.
  • Avoid non-essential travel.
  • Avoid all travel.

The new advisories can be found on the government’s Travel Advice and Advisory website (new window). A blanket advisory against all cruise travel remains in place.
In a statement, the Public Health Agency of Canada said Canadians should be fully vaccinated before they travel and urged travellers to follow public health measures at their destination.
It also urged Canadians to take personal protective measures when abroad, such as wearing a mask, washing their hands and maintaining physical distancing where possible.
Canadians abroad can stay informed of COVID-19 activity at their destination by consulting the World Health Organization website, the agency said.
Global Affairs Canada was not immediately available for comment.
CBC News