Bishop Reading High Student Invites Others to “Speak Your Piece”

By: Laura Steiner
COVID-19 has left many feeling unproductive, and drained.  It was these feelings combined with a lack of social interaction as well heightened anxieties that prompted Bishop Reading Grade 11 student Adya Dutt to create a virtual public speakers’ workshop.
“Watching the world learn to adapt to these circumstances- whether that be teachers guiding students through online platforms, or frontline healthcare workers risking their lives encouraged me to help others learn as well,” Dutt said in an interview done via email.
The subject resonates with the grade 11 student because of her own journey with public speaking.  “When I was younger, my presentation skills were often very jumbled, and I would experience stage fright at times,” she said.  She’s since learned how to organize her ideas in a more convincing thoughtful manner.  Something she applies to clubs, and extra-curricular  activities.   “The most notable realization I have gained from my “journey” is the power of effective communication,” she added.
She created the Speak Your Piece workshops as a a series of four workshops Dutt hopes will leave attendees with an understanding of how crucial communication skills.  “Since the start of creating these workshops, I knew I wanted “Speak Your piece to be a safe and non-judgmental environment, and that is what I will strive to do,” she said.  She charges $10 for the sessions, with the proceeds going to the Re:Soul Youth centre in Milton.  For more information email:  The final sessions go this weekend.